Family Finds Lost Cat At Shelter After Looking For 18 Months

A family had lost their ten-year-old cat, Phoenix, 18 months earlier, and they had been searching for him ever since. Phoenix had a microchip, and the family had posted fliers all around the neighborhood in hopes that someone had found him.

Despite all their efforts, Phoenix was never found. Ronnie Humber, the 5-year-old in the family, was devastated. Unfortunately, the family’s other cat passed away afterwords, leaving Ronnie overcome with sadness. That’s when the family decided to get a new cat from the local shelter.

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As they visited and looked around the shelter, they noticed an oddly familiar cat – it looked just Phoenix. To much surprise, they soon realized that it actually was their beloved Phoenix! As you can see, Ronnie is just overcome with emotion and tears as he begins to pet his long lost cat.

Michelle, Ronnie’s mother, said her son “got really excited, then got pretty emotional.”

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Turns out, a good samaritan had found Phoenix two months earlier and had brought Phoenix to the shelter to see if he had a microchip. Although the microchip was there, it was registered to an old address and an old phone number – there was no other way to contact the family.

Soon, Phoenix was put up for adoption. Luckily for the Humber family, they showed up just in time!

Facebook // WALY 103.9

This heartwarming reunion entails a crucial reminder – don’t forget to update your info!

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