Hero Dog Shields Baby Trapped In House Fire, Saves Her Life And Dies In The Process

Thanks to an incredibly brave and heroic dog, a little girl is still alive today.

Erika Poremski was home with her baby daughter, Viviana, one Sunday night when she remembered that she needed to check something in her car. She ran outside to the car for a short moment, but when she turned around, the home was engulfed in flames.

The two-story home was severely damaged by the flames, displacing the family. (Photo // WBALTV11)

Poremski could hear her daughter’s cries from the as she approached the burning home, but the flames were too much to enter the home. Baltimore firefighters were called immediately.

Erika Poremski, the mother, is brought to tears recollecting the event. (Photo // WBALTV11)

“I just heard her crying and I couldn’t get to her,” Poremski said during an interview – she was tearing up just thinking about it. “I tried really hard, everyone in the neighborhood tried. They were kicking the doors in and kicking the windows out. I couldn’t… Nobody could.”

The 8-month-old infant was trapped on the second floor. When firefighters arrived, they entered the home to rescue Viviana, and what they found was incredibly heroic and heart-breaking. Viviana was taken outside and revived by paramedics – Poremski was then told what happened.

Polo, the family dog, had refused to leave Viviana’s side. When the fire continued to spread, Polo began to shield the infant from the flames and heat with his body.

Polo has always been protective of Viviana. (Photo // WBALTV11)

Although Viviana was found by the firefighters with severe burns on her face and on her side, she was alive thanks to Polo. However, Polo had died in the process.

“She only had burns on her side because of it… He stayed with her the whole time,“ said Poremski. “He was my first baby and now I lost him… I’m just praying I don’t lose her. She’s all I have and it just happened so fast.”

No one else was injured in the fire, and Viviana’s condition will is being monitored as she recovers. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

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