Pirates Robbing Boat Leave Almost Empty-Handed Thanks To Heroic Dog

Time and time again, dogs consistently show why they are truly man’s best friend. This story of a dog protecting his owners from pirates proves just that.

Peter Lee and his wife Betty had been sailing on a boat through the Caribbean – they were on a all-round-the-world trip. The businessman and his wife had also brought their 2-year-old hunting dog, Kankuntu, with them.

Kankuntu, the brave hunting dog who fought against pirates.

As they were sailing around the coast of Venezuela, approximately two miles off the shore, the couple noticed a shabby fishing boat speeding towards them. As the speeding boat approached closer and closer, the couple realized it was after them – they were in danger.

“I wasn’t going to give up just like that,” said Lee, recalling the horrifying event. “I steered my boat into them broadside on and knocked their leader off his feet as he was about to jump on board. He fell… but then he got up and took a proper stance [and] shot at me.”

Although Lee attempted to evade and had even rammed his boat against the pursuers, it was of no use. One of the the five robbers had fired two shots towards Lee during the ordeal. Although unscathed, Lee wasn’t about to take any more chances. Soon, the five men were nearly in full control of Lee’s boat.

As the men boarded, the leader told the others to tie the couple up. However, Kankuntu was having none of it. The 2-year-old dog began to attack the pirates, lunging, biting and doing everything his power to fend of the criminals off.

“The dog had a real good go but they shot him and they stabbed him between the shoulder blades,” Lee said. “He’s a very brave dog. He only weighs about 50lb but he thinks he’s a lion.”

Kankuntu had kept fighting even as he was stabbed in his shoulder with a knife. Unfortunately, Kankuntu was then shot in the leg, and was forced to retreat under a table. Kankuntu was severely injured.

The couple had little money on the boat, so the thieves sought after the wedding ring on Betty’s finger. However, she had not taken the ring off in her 35 years of marriage. One of the thieves attempted to take it off, even through bleeding skin. It wouldn’t budge.

The injured pirates gave up and quickly took little of what they could, including the boat’s radio. Although the couple were in shock, they were free to drive the boat to shore. If it had not been for Kankuntu, the thieves would have free reign to do as they please – they had to run off.

The Lee couple and dog immediately sailed to Trinidad with the boat’s GPS module still on board. There, Kankuntu was taken to the vet and was able to recover from his stab and bullet wound.

“The bullet almost came out on its own,” Lee said. “The vet has now been around and the dog is almost back on its feet.”

This formidable dog showed no fear even in the midst of terrible criminals.

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