Man Robs Store While Riding A Horse – SHOCKING Video

There have been some extraordinary things caught on camera, but this one is quite unusual!

Security footage of a convince store in Joao Pessoa, Brazil caught the astonishing moment a man rode his horse into a store. As the man dismounts his horse, he doesn’t even bother to secure his equine companion.

As the man makes his way into the store, the horse nonchalantly follows in as well. The man inside the store began to look for the shop’s clerk, who was restocking items in the back. Turns out, the man was a robber, looking for an easy score on unsuspecting victims. He began to threaten the clerk and demanded him to hand over all the cash.

At the same, the horse had started searching for food – its hard to assist your partner in crime on an empty stomach. Prodding behind the counters of the store for a snack, the horse soon became uneasy. Scared and uncomfortable, the horse decided it was high time to get out of there.

All of the ruckus the horse made was enough to startle his owner, throwing both of them into a panic. With horse leading the way, the two scramble around the shelves of the store towards the exit, where the two part ways. Neither of them were identified.

Watch the incredibly peculiar moment for yourself:

I’m absolutely dumbfounded by this unsuccessful robbery…

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