9-Year-Old Boy Begins To Tear Up During Audition, His Stellar Finish Leaves Everyone Amazed

I’ve seen many spectacular performances by peoples of all ages, but I have to say the amount of heart and talent this kid pours out during his performance certainly took me by surprise.

Malaki Paul, a 9-year-old boy from London, got a shot to impress the judges during the Britian’s Got Talent auditions. As he nervously starts, it’s clear that this boy has a knack for singing – so much so that the crowd couldn’t hold their cheering any longer. However, Malaki had great stage-fright, and he broke down into tears mid-performance shortly after the cheering began.

Immediately, Malaki’s mother and judge Alesha Dixon ran to console the boy during the emotional moment. Wanting to continue and with much support from everyone, Malaki mustered up the courage to sing one more time. Watch the incredible moment when the show returns after a brief break and be ready to be floored.

What a spectacular performance – bravo!

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