Customer Without Hands Struggled To Eat, Waiter's Simple Gesture Is Capturing The Internet's Hearts

A man without hands had walked into a Georgia restaurant for lunch. After begin sat and his order taken, the man had subtly asked one of the customers for a small favor – it was apparent that he needed help.

Alex Ruiz, a waiter at the restaurant, had overheard the man’s plead for help. Ruiz decided to join the man at the table and had offered to help, despite being on the job. The man was overcome, and accepted his offer.

For the next 30 minutes, Ruiz fed the man bite by bite with a beaming smile the entire time. Additionally, Ruiz made small talk to keep the man’s spirits high.

Staff and other customers were moved by this young waiter’s gesture – the touching moment was caught by a regular customer who had posted it to Facebook. Since then, the photo has captured the hearts of many people.

Despite all the negative news in the media, it’s clear that there are still people trying to make the world a little better, one kind act at a time.

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