Puppy Abandoned In Trash Bag Gets Lucky Rescue By Mom Who Was Late To Work

On this particular morning, Malissa Sergent Lewis was running late to work. So she took a shortcut through a quiet remote backroad that leads to the elementary school where she works in Kentucky. That’s when she made a startling discovery.

Malissa spotted a black trash bag in the middle of the street. Even from the distance, she could tell the bag was moving and shifting. There was definitely something inside.

Image: Malissa Serrgent Lewis / Via Facebook

It became clear that whatever was in that bag was trying to walk its way across the road. The mother of three pulled out her cellphone as she slowly drove up to the bag.

Image: Malissa Serrgent Lewis / Via Facebook

The creature inside could sense Malissa’s presence, and started moving towards her on the concrete as best it could.

Ignoring the risk that it could have been a dangerous animal, Malissa tore into the bag and peeked inside. She couldn’t believe her eyes!

Image: Malissa Serrgent Lewis / Via Facebook

An adorable, grateful and incredibly lucky puppy was staring back at her, wagging his tail.

“It was if he knew he was going to be okay,” Melissa said in a Facebook post.

Image: Malissa Serrgent Lewis / Via Facebook

Along with a video, she wrote: “If this is your puppy, let me know. If you are the scoundrel who put it in a garbage bag and tossed it on the side of the road… you’re a sicko.”

Malissa scooped him up and took him to work with her. That evening, Malissa and her sons took the puppy to the vet for shots and an examination. Miraculously, he was healthy!

Image: Malissa Serrgent Lewis / Via Facebook

The vet said he couldn’t be more than 8 weeks old. It’s a complete mystery as to why this happened… and why someone would do this. The puppy was wearing a collar but had no identification.

Image: Malissa Serrgent Lewis / Via Facebook

Authorities are looking into who could have possibly committed this horrible act. Meanwhile, Malissa and her sons have decided to keep the puppy. She says her sons are absolutely in love with him. They’ve named him “Hefty.”

Image: Malissa Serrgent Lewis / Via Facebook

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