5-Year-Old Boy Walks Into Police Station, Surprises Cop With Incredible Gesture

Five-year-old William Evertz Jr. may be small, but what he did recently shows that he’s got a big heart.

On Aug. 24, the kindhearted boy used his allowance money, which he earned doing chores to performed a number of good deeds around his New Jersey community, including buying lunch for local police officers, according to the Huffington Post.

On that particular day, Evertz walked into the Winslow Township Police Department, accompanied by a few family members, and delivered sandwiches, drinks and snacks from Subway ― he even brought along a few balloons, Philly.com reported.

Winslow Township Police Department / Facebook

His mom, Tara Evertz, told CBS Philadelphia that William felt inspired to give after he saw a YouTube video in which someone helped the homeless.

“He’s five. I think a lot of people should take a page out of his book and just be kind to everybody,” she said.

Winslow Township Police Department / Facebook

The police department wasn’t the boy’s only stop: He declared the day “Kindness Day,” donating school supplies and toys to a domestic violence shelter, food to an animal shelter and $25 to a family to help with day care.

Winslow Township Police Department / Facebook

“William’s actions are remarkable for anyone, let alone a 5-year-old,” the police department wrote in a post on its Facebook page. “Winslow Township PD commends William for his acts of kindness and his parents for raising such a great kid.”

In return, the police made William an honorary officer. They also gave him a T-shirt and badges, as well as a lift home in a squad car – complete with lights and siren – according to the Associated Press.

“We need good police officers like you,” Chief George Smith said, according to Philly.com. “I can’t wait until you’re old enough so we can hire you.”

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