Mother Guards Baby During Earthquake, Saves His Life

A mother’s resolve for her child’s well-being is beyond remarkable. This is the ultimate sacrifice for anyone.

After an earthquake had laid ruin to the area, rescue teams had began searching for any survivors. A rescue crew had begun to check a collapsed woman’s house. Unfortunately, the crew members verified their fears – the house had crashed on her head and back, killing her. However, her pose was strange, as though she had been caressing and guarding something from the inevitable collapse.

The leader of the rescue team had reached through the cracks of the house in hopes that the woman would respond, but all he felt was her cold, stiff body. Although sad, it was time for the rescue crew to move on any to search for any other survivors. The crew began their way to the next building.

However, the crew’s leader had an unusual gut feeling as something was dragging him back to the home of the recently passed woman. He inspected area underneath the body through the cracks one more time. There, he found a sleeping baby boy, still alive thanks to the mother. The crew leader screamed that he had found a child, and the rescuers began to dig the child out.

The 3-month-old boy was wrapped in a flowery blanket, and had been shielded from the collapsing home by the mother. Knowing the destructive force an earthquake can bring, she sacrificed herself for her child.

A doctor was rushed to see if the baby was alright. As he unwrapped the blanket, a cellphone was found. There, the doctor read a text message intended for the baby boy. It reads: “If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.”

That message resonated with the crew, and had brought everyone to tears. She knew she was likely to die, and had only hoped that her child would be able to carry on without her…

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