Father With Alzheimer's Couldn't Remember Much, Begins To Recollect When Him And His Son Start Singing The Classics

Alzheimer’s – it’s a terrible disease that progressively destroys a person’s memory and thinking skills. Over time, the effects get more severe, and it can certainly change the victim’s and their family’s lives. Despite that, strong emotions and memories deeply engraved into the brain can persist with a some help. For this man living in Britain, it was his past love for music that helped revitalize those long lost feelings.

The Songaminute Man // Facebook

Mac McDermott’s father was a singer at a younger age and had earned the nickname “The Songaminute Man” – the gentleman knew a great deal of songs ready to perform at a moment’s notice. Although he had changed careers after marriage, Mr. McDermott’s passion for music would help him long after his youth.

The Songaminute Man // Facebook

In this particular video, Mac McDermott and his father began to sing along to the tune of “Quando, quando, quando”, an Italian pop song from the early 1960’s. By Mac’s reaction alone, you can truly tell how precious this moment really is. Watch how music helps overcome this devastating disease, even if it’s just for a few moments:

Amazing! The McDermott family will always treasure moments like these where “The Songaminute Man” can be like his old self again.

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