Couple Adopts Little Girl From Ukraine, Then Make a Shocking Discovery – Grab a Kleenex

It all started with a dream. Vern and Nanette Garrett had six kids, but they desperately wanted another child. Because they were having a hard time getting pregnant again, they decided to adopt. Then, one night, Nanette had a distinct dream about a little girl named Emily.

While exploring the adoption process, the couple got a major surprise when Nanette got pregnant with her seventh child! Still, she couldn’t stop thinking about that little girl she envisioned so clearly.

“I knew that she was mine,” Nanette said.

She and her husband flew to Ukraine to visit the National Adoption Center. Upon arrival, they immediately began searching through photos of orphaned children. They stopped on a black-and-white photo of a little girl with a big bow in her hair.

Screenshot / Youtube

Vern and Nanette knew: This was Emily. This was their daughter.

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