Dad Drives Little Girl To a Remote Location. What Follows Will Break Your Heart

Adoption is probably the best expression of kindness and compassion. But there are many things that should be considered prior to making the decision to adopt.

When making the choice to adopt, careful consideration to the added responsibilities that they’ll be putting on themselves and the extra stresses and strains that go along with it is required.

The clip below features a family that decides to adopt a little girl. They take her into their home and treat her just like one of the family. Everyone is happy with their decision…at first. As time goes on, and the stresses of taking care of this little girl begin to take their toll, things begin to change.

The little mistakes that the girl keeps on making compound the problem and then one day the parents decide to do something tragic! They take the little girl down a lonely road in the middle of a forest, and abandon her!

As the father drives away, a very powerful message is revealed! It definitely tugged at my heartstrings!

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Simply powerful. It really makes you want to hug your dog a little tighter!

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