Little Girl Scratches Horse's Back. Now Watch What The Horse Does In Return

Two years ago, this sweet pony named Rosie, and many other horses were on their way to Mexico to be slaughtered. Thankfully, Melissa Giordano on her daughter decided to purchase Rosie for her meat price and save her from the kill pen.

Rosie was in terrible shape. But with little care and a whole lot of love, they rehabbed her back to health. Melissa says that since they adopted her, “Rosie and her daughter became the best of friends.”

She posted a video to Youtube showing her daughter and Rosie scratching each other’s back, and it is the cutest thing ever!

“She is the sweetest pony around and we are so happy she never made it to Mexico!,” Melissa writes in the video description.

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According to ASPCA, every year, approximately 150,000 American horses are trucked over our borders to be slaughtered for human consumption. Until this practice is banned and Congress passes a law against slaughter here in the U.S., no horse is safe.

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