Dog Was Imprisoned In Barn For Much Of His Life, His Transformation From A Dire State Is Amazing

Lazarus the dog had been kept inside a barn stall for a long seven years – the majority of his life. There, he was only given minimal care by his owner. Having matted fur all over his body, suffering from poor health and being alone, things looked grim for the pup.

Photo // Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

A man had been asked by the owner to feed the dog. When he met Lazarus, he was in shock at what he found. Lazarus was unable to walk due the 35 pounds of matted fur that covered his body. With that amount of fur, there’s no telling how much the dog had suffered through the summer heat. Additionally, it was quite noticeable that the owner had not provided sufficient water or food for the pup. The man knew he had to intervene.

Photo // Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

The man talked with the owner who then agreed to give up Lazarus – the dog was immediately taken to a groomer. Although several other health issues such as irritated skin and small tumors were discovered underneath the layers of fur, Lazarus look had looked much better and years younger.

Photo // Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Soon, Lazarus was taken in by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue to help him recover. Slowly but surely, the pup’s muscle strength improved, and the dog was able to walk again. Although it will take some time for Lazarus’ health to improve after years of neglect, the adorable and friendly dog now has a much brighter future ahead of him.

Photo // Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Lazarus will be up for adoption after his recovery!

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