University SHOCKING Experiment With Greyhounds Enrages The World

Scientists at Monash University in Victoria, Australia, are under fire after they conducted an experiment which involved suffocating twelve Grayhound dogs, reviving them, then killing them again by removing their hearts, in order to test how well their organs could be preserved.

The university claims the animals were anaesthetized the whole time. “At no time were the animals subject to pain, they were under deep anaesthetic and unconscious for the entire procedure,” they said.

But animal rights activists have called the experiment ‘shocking’ and have questioned the legality of it.

According to the study’s manuscript, the Alfred hospital’s department of cardiothoracic surgery and Monash University’s department of surgery, epidemiology and preventative medicine were involved. Scientists from both departments suffocated the greyhounds until they stopped breathing. They then revived them before killing the animals a second time and removing their hearts.

Helen Marston, chief executive of Human Research Australia called it “unnecessarily cruel to the greyhounds because they were essentially killed twice.”

“People believe these things happened a long time ago or somewhere overseas, but these experiments are happening right here right now, under our noses,” she said.

“Quite a lot of them are paid for with our tax dollars.”

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