Dog Looks Out The Window And Sees a Fox Playing With His Toy, Throws Hilarious Tantrum

Foxes are known for being crafty animals that sneak around. But just like their canine cousins, foxes love to let loose and have fun! That’s exactly what this cute one likes to do.

Dog owner Ardes Gayangos Ng who lives up in Yukon, Canada, filmed this curious red fox playing with a toy left outside by her sweet little Chiweenie dog named Lupe.

As you can see in the video below, the toy got the little fox all riled up. He rolls around in the grass and tosses the toy high in the air before leaping up and pursuing after it. He looks so happy and at ease in the grassy yard, not to mention the way he plays around with the toy is hilarious.

Poor Lupe can only look on helplessly as the wild fox has the time of its life playing around with a toy she left out in the yard. She sits in the window staring out at the scene, watching as her toy gets chased around the yard by some other animal. She barks and growls while intently following the action that’s unfolding outside.

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