Heroic Driver Saves 20 Kids Who Were Trapped In Flaming School Bus

A Maryland School bus driver is being hailed a hero after saving the lives of 20 elementary school kids who were trapped in a burning bus.

The College Park, Maryland school bus caught fire on Monday. The blaze ignited suddenly somewhere near one of the rear wheels and in moments the bus was going up in flames. Thankfully, the heroic actions of the driver, Reneita Smith, saved the young students.

Smith ran into the inferno, taking kids off the bus one by one. After all 20 kids were present and accounted for she braved the smoke and flames one more time to make sure everyone was out safely.

Video frame / Youtube

A passerby caught footage of the incident and snapped a few pictures that have since gone viral, praising Smith’s selfless bravery.

“I am a mom of two kids,” Smith said. “It’s my job to save them.”

Incredibly, no one on the bus was injured. As worried parents arrived to pick up their children from the scene their anxiety turned to praise for Smith and her incredibly brave actions that day.

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