Watch The Incredible Moment This Puppy Comes Back From The Dead

When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited India found a puppy named Oliver lying lifeless under a car, he was dead by all appearances. Extremely emaciated and covered in flies, the poor animal was barely clinging to life. Miraculously, inside that defeated little body was a still-beating heart.

The kind volunteers swooped in to see if, in fact, he could be saved. They wrapped him in a blanket and whisked him away to their rescue facility.

When he arrived, his temperature was treacherously low. He wasn’t moving and his future looked grim. However, after receiving an hour’s worth of fluids and some human comfort, he began to show signs of life. He picked his little head up and surveyed his new surroundings.

Later that day, he began trying to stand on his own. The little puppy who’d fooled even the flies into thinking he was dead wasn’t ready to quit.

Over the course of two months, Oliver’s health improved and then declined. No one knew if he’d make it. But true to form, he proved himself a fighter for the second time.

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