After Patient’s Tragic Death, Hospice Nurse Pulls Car Over And Records Powerful Message

I’ve always been fascinated by a verse in the book of James that says “our lives pass like a vapor.” That’s a realization hard to internalize. But life is short indeed, and I wish I could spend less time feeling the urgency of things that aren’t actually urgent and more time exchanging meaning with those people and causes that matter.

That realization is what caused Rebecca Turley, a hospice nurse in northwest Ohio, to share a powerful message that has gone viral.

Recently, Rebecca was just doing her job, assisting a patient in his final moments of life, when– for some reason– she had a revelation: life is short. Rebecca left work that day and had to pull her car over to share her realization with the world.

In the video below, Rebecca describes spending the morning with a man and his family “as he took his last breaths.” She says that, for whatever reason, the man really caused her to contemplate. “It’s hard for me to think about that man laying there taking his last breaths and wondering if there was something that he wishes he could’ve done differently.”

She then urges her friends and family to take advantage of everyday. “Life is so so short. You should live life to the fullest. Maintain good relationships. Don’t stress about little things,” she says.

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