Determined 89-Year-Old Man Struggled To Make Ends Meet, Kind-Hearted Patrons Raise Over $384,000 For Him

Fidencio Sanchez, an 89-year-old man, had been a hard working gentleman for many decades. Each day for many years, he had pushed a cart full of ‘paletas’ and ‘helados’ – frozen Latin American treats – and sold them to those who wanted to beat the summer heat. He had done it out of necessity and had only made $50-$60 a day during the hotter season.

Sanchez’s wife had also sold popsicles, but she was struck by an illness. She could no longer work, and, as Sanchez grew older, it became a greater struggle to push the cart for several hours on end. Sanchez decided it was time to relax, and he had retired to spend more time with his wife. Unfortunately, Sanchez’s only daughter had passed away shortly after, and the 89-year-old man was still in need of financial support. He decided to take to the streets again – all to make ends meet.

Joel Cervantes Macias had seen Sanchez struggling to push his cart down a Chicago street. The moment broke Macias’s heart, so he started the GoFundMe page with the small goal of $3,000 to support him. On the page was a photo of Sanchez:

A photo of 90-year-old Fidencio Sanchez at work. (Joel Cervantes Macias)

The powerful image captured the Internet’s hearts, and many kind-hearted souls donated to help Sanchez retire. In 13 days alone, 17,000 people had raised over $384,000 for the gentleman.

Sanchez had spent his entire life hard at work, and everyone around him knows it. At church, Sanchez had learned about the fundraiser and was extremely grateful. Despite that, he says he’s still determined to work if necessary.

The people of the internet can be so amazing at times. For all his years of hard work and contribution to his community, Sanchez is certainly deserving of all this support.

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