Cute Sea Lion Cub Found It's Way Onto A Boat, Cuddles With Driver For A Short Nap

James Gilkinson, his niece and some friends decided to sail off of Newport Beach in California. The plan was just to enjoy the ride under the shining sun, but none of them expected to have the surprise of a lifetime.

A sea lion cub had popped his head over the water, only to hop aboard with the rest of the crew. Gilkinson knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he grabbed his camera to start recording. Gilkinson had no idea what would happen next.

“He kind of looked tired, so I figured he would get up on the splash deck to rest. Sure enough, he did,” said Gilkinson to CBS News. “After that, he sniffed me and started rubbing his nose up and down my leg… He [then] spent the next hour resting [on my lap].”

The cute cub had sat by Gilkinson’s side, taking a few short naps for the remainder of the hour. Surprisingly enough, the cub had stayed calm, even when Gilkinson had lightly rubbed the sea lion’s belly.

When they sailed back to mouth of Newport Beach, Gilkinson stood up just to let the know the pup it was time to part ways. He told the pup “it’s time to go”, and the sea lion made its way to the back of the boat before splashing back into the water.

Gilkionson almost couldn’t believe the entire experience – it’s something he will never forget.

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