82-Year-Old Grandpa Goes To College With His 18-Year-Old Granddaughter

knowledge is the key to success. 82-year-old, Rene Neira, knew this and so he decided to go back to school.

Melanie Salazar, Rene’s granddaughter, tweeted, “I’m so proud of my grandpa for finishing his first day at PAC[Palo Alto College] this semester. 82 years old and not giving up.” The response from strangers was was unbelievable, her tweet was retweeted over 2,000 times!

Rene returned to college to earn his associate’s degree in economics at 82-year-old. He is truly an inspiration to everyone. He’s the example that it is never too late to go back to school and receive an education.

While Melanie is still undecided on what she wants to study, she is still very proud of her grandpa.

“Honestly to me it feels normal that I’m going to school with my grandpa. I look at my grandpa and I’m proud of him. This is a normal thing. It feels great and I’m very proud of him,” Melanie shared with ABC reporters.

Having her grandpa by side keeps her motivated to stay in school and earn her degree.

“It only motivates me more not to give up and figure out what I want to study specifically. I know that if he can do it and I can definitely can do it,” Melanie told reporters.

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