These Two Brothers Made A Very Emotional Video For Their Mother Suffering From Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is probably one of the most horrific diagnoses someone can get.

The disease not only effects the person with it but everyone they love as well. Watching someone lose their memory and forget who they are must be horrifying.

As the disease progresses, that person can become completely unrecognizable in their actions and personality. Unfortunately there is no cure for such disease.

But, this family wants to help find one.

The video below shows us two brothers, Andrew and Matt Ryan, who wanted to raise awareness about the disease. Their mother, Kathy, has just been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and they wanted to do something for her.

The words they write may be simple, but they are so powerful and emotional. This video is not only for their mother, but for everyone that suffers this catastrophic disease.

No one wants to watch their loved ones lose sense of who they are. This video can help raise awareness about the disease, the care these patients need, and the cure that needs to be found.

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