This Man Performs Incredible Act Of Kindness After Seeing A Homeless Woman Sleeping In The Dirt

Everyone’s life is precious, everyone should be taken care of.

Elvis Summers wants to make a change for the better. After seeing a homeless woman in his Los Angeles neighborhood sleeping in the dirt, he decided to help her out. Summers built a tiny house for her so she can sleep and feel secure. This started a movement.

Summers started a foundation called , Starting Human, which helped him raise money in order to build small homes for homeless people. These houses are not very big, but they help secure the homeless and make them feel safe. The homeless people say that these tiny houses have helped them out in a huge way.

“I was able to go in there, close the door, and feel secure, as opposed to being out here in the streets, with no sense of security,” says one man.

These tiny houses are built in order to provide a safer environment and protect the homeless from assault and theft. These are crimes that commonly happen to the homeless. Summers says, “Some of these gangbangers know that veterans get automatic deposits every month.” Because of this, homeless veterans are being robbed constantly.

Unfortunately, city officials have tried to remove these small homes from the streets. It is hard to see all of Summers’ hard work go to waste. The day that he had to take these houses away from the homeless, Summer says “[It was] one of the hardest days of his life.”

Summers did not give up, and despite the obstacles, he has partnered with engineers to build mobile showers. He has built more tiny houses and land has been donated in order to place these houses.

This is truly an act of the heart. Thanks to Summers, the homeless can now live a safer and better life.

Watch the footage below.

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