Mom Returns Home After Daughter's Long Cancer Treatment, Finds Her House Renovated

When someone is a diagnosed with cancer, the situation is not only difficult for the individual, but also for the whole family. And it becomes increasingly challenging when the patient is a young child.

Families battling cancer may feel like everything is going against them, but sometimes people lend a hand, making everything better. Here’s a story about a community renovating a family’s home as they returned home from getting cancer treatment for their child.

After finding a tumor behind their 3-year-old’s eye, the Cassidy family traveled to America so that Emily could receive a life-saving cancer treatment. The family’s home had damaged walls, the roof and windows needed repairs, but the family couldn’t afford them since Emily’s cancer treatment was expensive.

Earlier this September, the family returned home after Emily’s successful treatment to find their home completely renovated by their kind community. The kind act from the community left the mother in tears as she walked around her new home.

Watch the amazing surprise below, and please share the joy!

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