Man Risks His Life To Save Injured Baby Deer From Drowning In Flood Waters

Recent storms have triggered severe flooding across Iowa, and even animals found themselves trapped in the raging waters. In the video below, an injured baby deer struggling to keep its head above water was brought back to dry land thanks to a kind man who risk his life to save the poor animal from drowning.

A crowd had gathered to take pictures of flood waters raging underneath the Cedar River bridge when they spotted the deer as it jumped into the river and was swept away by the strong current. The poor animal was struggling to keep its head above water but kept dipping below the surface.

Everyone began screaming as they watched helplessly from the safety of the bridge. That’s when one man jumped into action.

The Evansdale man jumped into the river and secured the deer with rope, which they then used to pull the poor thing to safety.

Once they successfully pulled the deer to dry ground, Waterloo Police arrived as well as Animal Control. Then they took the deer out of town and release it back into the wild.

The compassionated man who jumped into the raging river to rescue the deer didn’t want to be named or interviewed, however, that didn’t stop people from praising this HERO for saving the life of the lucky deer.

Take a look at the incredible rescue below, and be sure to ‘share’ the smiles with your Facebook friends.

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