This Fourth-Grade Teacher Gives The Ultimate Welcome To His Incoming Students In A Very Catchy Way

Being a teacher means you have be dedicated to teach and go above and beyond to help kids earn the skills necessary to succeed in life.

We all remember those teachers that left a big impact in our lives, the ones who would stay after school to tutor us, or the ones that always made us laugh while still helping us learn.

Dwayne Reed is a first time fourth-grade teacher. Before school began he wanted to show the students how fun class was going to be. He welcomed his new students with a very catchy tune.

The tune is catchy and shows how eager and excited Reed is to help the kids learn while still having fun. He dresses up in goofy costumes as he sings about science, math, and english.

Reed’s fourth-grade class will definitely be doing some learning. The kids will get to show their creative side by writing songs about what they learned. This was a very cleaver and awesome way to show how school can be fun while still learning.

Reed is truly an example of an educator who goes beyond what is asked to make sure his students get a great education.

Take a look below at the awesome welcome video. And don’t be shy, sing along!

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