Montreal's New Law To Ban Pit Bulls Will Leave Owners Without Their Dogs

What would you do if your pets were taken away just because of their breed? A recently law passed in Montreal is putting a ban on pit bulls.

The law wont come into full effect until March of next year, but starting October 3rd all ownerless dogs that resemble a pit bull will be put down. That means innocent dogs will be put down just because of their breed.

Critics say the law is so vague, that any dog with a “big head” could be taken away. When the law comes into full effect next march, any pit bull owner who hasn’t passed a criminal background check, purchased a muzzle and forked over the $150 fee for a permit, will lose their pet.

Owners will also have to buy a special leash. The new law specifies that the dog must be on a 4-foot tether when being outside their home.

In all, the Montreal SPCA estimates owners will have to spend up to $650 if they want to keep their dogs. Most of these pet owners may not be able to afford it and will have to give up their best friend.

The good thing is that people are getting involved in changing this law. The Montreal SPCA needs support to keep the pressure on lawmakers. If you want to get involved you can make a donation here.

Another way you can take action is by signing a petition for Montreal to repeal this awful law.

Watch this tear-jerking video below.

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