School Wont Address Bullying Until This Furious Mother Does Something About It

Bullying seems to be an ongoing issue in our schools. It can become a much bigger problem when the school does nothing about it.

A student from Stuart Middle school in Denver, came home from school with bruises on day. His mother was heartbroken and furious, to find out her son had been enduring constant bullying at school. She went up to tell the school, but the administrators did nothing about it. Her son continued to get bullied.

The Denver Channel reports that the mother said her son was, “hit by multiple kids with sticks and came home with welts and bruises.” The mother also says that her son is a target to bullying because he is in special education.

One of the students recorded a video of the boy getting bullied. He was being poked with a stick by a bigger student. He kept telling the bully to stop but he would not listen.

After the video was posted online, the mother of the victim took the evidence to the school. Finally the administration got involved.

“Our administrative staff at Stuart Middle School was aware of the issue at this bus stop and had previously viewed the video. We believe appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against the two students in the video allegedly involved in the bullying,” the school said.

Bullying is a constant issue in our schools that must be stopped. If you or someone you know has a loved one that gets bullied please visit, and see what you can do to help prevent bullying.

Watch the news footage below.

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