Teen Risks His Own Life To Save Young Girl From Flooded River

Being at the right place at the right time seems like such a coincidence. Luckily for a young girl, she was saved by a teenage boy who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

When the young teen, Angus Pauley, was running late to school he asked his mom if she could take him. On the way there Angus noticed a little girl struggling in the middle of the river. He didn’t care if he was late to school, he immediately told his mom to pull over.

A young girl that was trying to cross the river fell over when the footbridge she was on was knocked into the water.

Angus ran up to the bridge over the river to talk to the girl, to see if she was okay. He asked, “Are you okay?” to which the girl responded, “I need my mom.” He knew then that she needed help. Angus stripped down and jumped into the ice cold river.

The girl kept getting pulled further down the stream. Angus kept swimming towards the girl. Things got worse when the young girl got sucked under, but Angus was finally able to catch up to her.

Further down the stream another man, Jeremy McKenzie, also jumped in to catch both Angus and the young girl. With the help of McKenzie, Angus was able to save the little girl.

After the heroic rescue, both the teen and the young girl were taken to the Wairau hospital. They were shortly released with no serious injuries.

The family of the little girl are very grateful for the two heroes. Sgt. Mark Lucas also had something to say about the two, “All of the officers here who dealt with it today, have nothing but praise for two rescuers for putting their lives at risk.”

Watch the video below and find out more about the heroic rescue.

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