After This Woman's Car Was Totaled, Officer Surprises Her With A New One

Being able to get around from place to place can be a struggle sometimes. Not having a car to take your children to school or go grocery shopping can make the struggle even worst.

For Danielle Robinson, this was her biggest concern after her car was totaled in a traffic accident. She was worried that she wasn’t going to be able to take her children to school.

The accident happened near the Moline Police Station in Illinois. The officers all knew about the incident, but one in particular grew concerned about Danielle’s situation.

Officer Patrick Moody told reporters, “I made a commitment to myself last year, that I was at least once a year going to do something big for someone that can never repay me back. After the accident I contemplated it for a while. Well you know what, this is my opportunity to do something here and that’s what I ended up doing,” That’s when he decided to help the mother that had just lost her car.

The day after the accident Officer Moody decided to surprise Danielle with a new car. He had asked for the help go his friend, Doug Demont, the owner of Cheap Cars. The Officer and Demont were able to make a deal on a nice car for Danielle.

When Danielle saw the nice surprise, she couldn’t help but get emotional. She was nothing but grateful for Officer Moody. She told reporters, “I feel excited, I am very happy. I feel blessed, this is a big blessing. Yesterday I was in a car accident and the person totaled my car and I was livid and I was just focused on work. Not even like am I okay? Then I had to humble myself, like okay, you can always get another car. Not knowing that this man right here is actually going to help me. He is a true blessing, I thank you so much.”

It’s nice to see people who go out of their way to make someone else’s life better.

Watch the video below to see more about this incredible act of kindness.

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