Single Mother Built A House From Scratch For Her Family Using A Shipping Container

Raising four kids can be difficult. Raising four kids as a single parent, seems nearly impossible.

Being a single mom requires a lot of love and attention to your children. Not only that, but you have to feed them, clothe them, and make sure they have everything they need.

For Lulu, things were getting expensive. She was working to barely make enough for the rent, and was not able to spend much time with her four little girls. A friend suggested her to build her own house. Sure enough, that’s what she did.

Lulu received a shipping container for free and used it to build her new home. With very little experience in construction, she turned the shipping container into a place where she can live peacefully with her kids.

It took her about a month to finish. She installed insulation, wood flooring, windows, and a door. Not only that, but she was able to install a basic kitchen (with propane-powered stove and on-demand hot water) and bathroom, which also had heated water.

Lulu was satisfied with her accomplishments, but she wanted to make more space so her children could sleep more comfortably. She took a flatbed trailer and turned it into a bedroom. She used scraps from the junk yard to build it.

Lulu spent a little over $4,000 for her new home. Her brother from Argentina told Lulu,”siemper te ha gustado la pobresa con mucho estilo,” meaning, you’ve always liked poverty with a lot of style.

The single mom wants to build a greenhouse in the coming months. She wants to expand her home in her own creative way.

This mother chose to use her time to spend it with her children instead of working long hours just to make it through.

Watch the video below and learn more about how Lulu was able to pull this off.

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