This Halloween Decoration Was Removed From Stores For Being Too Scary

Halloween is just around the corner. People are decorating and getting ready for the spooky holiday.

People decorate their homes to scare others, but one company thought it was a perfect idea to make people believe there was an intruder peeping outside their homes.

Scary Peepers were band from Home Depot stores in Canada for being too frightening. The way the prop works is by attaching it to a window with a small suction cup, creating the illusion that someone is creeping outside your house.

Parents started to get concerned, so they complained that it’s not funny to make people believe they are about to be victims of robbery, or something even worse.

The store agreed and pulled the spooky decorations off their shelfs and off their website. You can still purchase these creepy props in the U.S website. They come in different versions, even spookier ones. There’s even one that taps on the window.

Halloween is all about fun. Just don’t go around giving people heart attacks.

Watch the video below of how terrifying Scary Peepers can be.

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