Man Risks His Life To Smuggle Toys Into Syrian Refugee Camps

In a place where there seems to be a never-ending war, a man wanted to bring joy to the children living in such tough times.

Rami Adham, or what the people in Syria like to call him, “The Toy Smuggler,” has traveled to Syria 28 times in the last 5 years. His contacts in Turkey and Syria help smuggle him in so he can deliver toys and money to refugee camps.

He says his journey is tough and dangerous. He travels thousands of miles to bring joy to the children of Syria. Throughout his journeys he has risked his life being shot at while crossing the Syrian border.

At first Adham was only bringing in food and money to the refugee camps, but his daughter came up with the idea to bring toys for the children. When he would bring food and money the children seemed unimpressed, but once he brought toys in, the children were filled with joy. “Their eyes were big, everybody was smiling,” Adham said.

“You know, I’ve given a kid $10 and they don’t really know what to do with it,” Adham said. “But give him a ball or a stuffed toy, he knows a thousand things to do with it. This is their mental therapy.”

Besides smuggling toys and necessities into refugee camps, Adham has also funded four schools. This gives these children the opportunity to learn.

This man is truly a hero to these children. He risks his life to bring smiles to them. “Nobody can stop me doing what I do, I am totally devoted to the Syrian kids,” Adham said.

Watch the video clip below to learn more about Adham’s journey.

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