Dog Frightened By Fireworks Outside Gets Comforted By Her Cat Friend

There’s only one thing Americans loves more than Independence Day: FIREWORKS. In fact, many cities compete for the honor of having the biggest and most spectacular 4th of July fireworks display in the USA.

But while we might enjoy watching those beautiful colors exploding in the dark sky, the 4th of July is a truly terrifying time for our furry friends. The noisy banging, popping, whistling, and bright explosions of light from the fireworks are often quite overwhelming for pets.

Pet owner Victoria Eve recently shared on Twitter that her dog always has a hard time staying calm on this particular holiday.

This year, however, Victoria noticed her dog was not barking at the fireworks. When she looked over to make sure he was alright, she saw that her cat had gone over to the dog and cuddled up next to her to calm the pooch’s nerves!

It’s clear that these two adorable friends are a tremendous source of comfort to each other! Don’t you think?

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