After Battling Cancer, Young Teen Inspires Others To Keep Fighting

We all go through tough obstacles in life. Some of us more than others, but overcoming them is the hard part.

This is a story about Gabi Shull who overcame osteosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

Back in 2010, 9 year-old Gabi started to feel a sharp pain in her knee. Not knowing what it was, her mother took her to the hospital to get an MRI. The results showed that she had a tumor.

The news were devastating. Gabi was crushed that she wasn’t going to be able to dance again.

Not everything was all bad. Doctors told the Shull family that there was a procedure they could perform to save Gabi’s life.

Surgeons performed a procedure called rotationplasty. In this procedure they remove the knee and the lower leg is rotated backwards and fused with the thigh. The ankle then ends up functioning as the knee would.

A year after getting a prosthetic leg and doing rehab, Gabi was able to walk again.

Now at the age of 15, Gabi is back to doing what she loves, competitive dancing. She even performed in a special fundraising event in Houston for kids battling with cancer. Afterwards she met up with two kids who also went through the same procedure she did.

Watch the video below and learn more about Gabi’s incredible story.

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