11-Year-Old Pug Becomes Town Hero After Saving His Family From A Potential Fire

An unlikely hero has emerged in Meridan, Idaho. An 11-year-old pug saved his family from what could have been a devastating event.

One night, Meridan resident Todd Lavoie was upstairs when he kept hearing his 11-year-old pug, Jaxson, barking. At first he ignored his continuous barking, but after a while he thought it was unusual for his dog to bark so much.

Todd headed downstairs to see why Jaxson was barking so much. One of the electrical sockets was shooting sparks and was catching fire. He immediately extinguished the fire, turned off all the electricity in the house, and called the fire department.

Thanks to Jaxson’s consistant barking they were able to save the house, and even themselves. The fire department said that if it wasn’t for the pug’s barks of warning, the house could have been completely burned down.

The town decided to honor Jaxson with the Hometown Hero Award for his heroic actions. That being the first time a dog gets the award. This pug is one smart dog!

Watch the video below to learn more about the heroic story.

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