Two Teenage Boys Saved A Woman From Getting Kidnapped After They Noticed She Mouthed 'Help'

An incredible unfolding of events. Two teenage boys saved a woman from being kidnapped when they noticed her asking for help.

Two teenagers- Aaron, 19 and Jamal, 17- were just cruising around in they car when they noticed an attractive blonde woman in the backseat of the car next to them. Of course, like any hormonal teenager they tried to make eye contact.

What happened next was nothing but a sharp turn of events. The two teens noticed that the woman was mouthing something. They described it as if she was asking for help. They said that it looked like she didn’t want the driver to notice her cry for help.

The two teens grew concerned and immediately called the police. One of the teens told police, “yes, I’m on the highway. I’m witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping. It’s me and another guy. So we’re checking out the girl in the backseat because we’re like, ‘OK, she’s kind of attractive’, and then all of a sudden the guy is turned back, looking at us.”

The police acted quick and were able to stop the kidnapping thanks to the two brave teenagers. Turns out the kidnapper was 37 year-old Charles Atkins who kidnapped the 25 year-old woman at gunpoint and threatened her to get in his car. The man was charged with aggravated kinda[[ing and robbery.

Aaron and Jamal were able to meet the 25-year old that mesmerized them. One of the teens describe the hug he got from the victim as, “the best hug I have ever gotten.”

Listen to the shocking 911 call below.

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