Teenage Student Records Careless Bus Driver When He Grows Concerned For His Safety

With our busy schedules getting kids to school can be a hassle. A lot of parents aren’t able to drive their kids to school so they trust the school bus system to get them there safe.

One afternoon while riding the bus back home, high school student, Gabriel Cordova, grew concerned for his safety and the safety of his classmates when he noticed the driver was eating while driving. The driver seemed so careless. Cordova decided to record a video with his phone of the drivers poor conduct.

The concern grew when the driver was going down a bumpy road. “Eglinton is under so much construction and rickety enough as it is,” said Cordova.

The teenager took his video to the TTC and they immediately handled the situation. “Eating in that fashion would not be something we could condone,” said spokesperson Brad Ross. “A foot up on the dash is not a safe position for operators.”

Thankfully no one was hurt this time. And thanks to Cordova’s video, there will be further actions taken to investigate similar situations.

Watch the video below and see the driver’s careless driving.

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