This Tiny Cabin AWESOME Interior Is Like a Dream. Take a Look…

While this tiny house is secluded, it’s really not so “secret” now, as it’s recently attracted the attention of several media outlets. And you’ll see why.

Completed in 2015, the single-room cabin is a guest house for photographer Jason Koxvold’s vacation home in upstate New York. Its interior is lined with more than 1,000 books and a chair so guests can comfortably immerse themselves in a cozy reading experience with every title.

Jason Koxvold | STUDIO PADRON

According to The Huffington Post, Koxvold hired Studio Padron, an architecture firm, to help create the “Hemmelig Rom”, which translates to the “Secret Room”. The guest house is filled with books across a variety of genres ― from design and photography, to military and economic policy.

Jason Koxvold | STUDIO PADRON

Alone in the woods just chillin’ with books? We don’t think there’s anything better.

In addition to the reading materials, the Hemmelig Rom is complete with a bed and a wood-burning stove.

Jason Koxvold | STUDIO PADRON

Since the cabin is part of a private residence, it isn’t available to rent. But maybe it will serve as inspiration for your own personal reading nook!

Jason Koxvold | STUDIO PADRON

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