Boy Died Twice After Car Accident, Tells His Mom He Saw His Dad In Heaven

Miracles happen everyday. It’s important to keep your faith and keep praying. God has a plan for everyone.

It was a Sunday afternoon in 1997 when Julie Kemp was driving back home from church with her husband Andy and her son Landon. Out of the blue the car was hit and crushed. Landon’s dad had died instantly.

When emergency responders got there, they could not find the little boy’s body because the car was so badly damaged. But after finding a stray shoe, they knew that the boy was in there.

When they found Landon his body was lifeless. They quickly began to work on him to try to bring him back to life. He died twice that day, but he was brought back both times.

Landon was taken to Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina, where he was in a comma. Doctors told Julie that her son would most likely not survive. miraculously, two weeks later the boy opened his eyes. Everyone couldn’t believe that he woke up and had no brain damage.

Once woken up, Julie knew that she had to tell her son what had happened to his dad.

Julie asked Landon, “do you know where your dad is?” Landon told his mom that he did know. He told her, “I saw him in heaven.”

The mother was in shock. But that’s not the only person Landon saw in heaven. He then told his mother that he had seen her two other kids.

Julie had 2 miscarriages before Landon was born, but her son knew nothing about them. It was amazing how he saw his two brothers in heaven.

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