People Love This Shirtless Dude Rocking Out To Slayer During Hurricane Matthew

Common sense dictates that standing in the middle of a hurricane shirtless, waving an American flag, whipping your hair around and blasting Slayer is not a good idea. But this patriotic dude just won the internet by doing exactly that.

“Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it,” wrote Florida man Lane Pittman, who posted the video online, tagging his location as “near Jacksonville.”

The clip, which should be played with the sound on, is pretty awesome. And the internet loves him! So far that epic hair action has been shared more than 400,000 times on Facebook alone.

“Not the hero we asked for but the hero we need. Lol,” a commenter wrote.

Another user wrote: “This shirtless dude headbanging to Slayer during Hurricane Matthew is the hero we need”

Take a look, and please share this incredible display of awesomeness.

Rock on, man. And stay safe.

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