Repairman Scammed People Out Of Their Money, Reporter In Disguise Confronted Him About It. Watch His Reaction

Imagine getting scammed for thousands of dollars. This repairman did just dad to the elderly residents of Johnson City, Tennessee.

Reporter Lisa Guerrero, from Inside Edition, met up with the people being scammed out of their money. She asked them how much they lost, and all of them told her that they were scammed for at least $4,500.

One woman named Carol, was scammed for a total of $57,000. She has since passed away of a stroke, but her son told Inside Edition her story. He says that she had called the plumber for a simple bathroom issue. But Glenn Harris, the repairman, started charging her for repairs she did not need.

Carol had to take out a $50,000 home equity and a $7,000 cash advance on her credit card. Her son told reporters, “I believe the stroke was caused by stress, and the only stress she had in her life at the time was Glenn Harris.”

Inside Edition made efforts to investigate but had to wait a while to finally accuse Harris. Watch the video below and see what happened after the man was confronted.

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