Shady Plumber Tries Scamming Elderly Woman, Now Watch Her Next Move

Chances are you need a plumber in your life on a regular basis. Plumbers not only take care of common household repairs like leaky pipes and clogged drains, but some are also responsible for maintaining heating and cooling systems. While the majority of plumbers are reputable, the plumbing industry has its fair share of sub-standard contractors who employ shady business practices, as you will see in the video below.

This group of elderly residents from Johnson City, Tennessee had grown dismayed after being conned by a local repairman who charged them thousands of dollars for shoddy repair work and scamming them out of nearly $100,000. But they came up with a plan to expose him.

The victims contacted Inside Edition who rigged a house with hidden cameras and called the repairman, Glenn Harris, reporting a leak in the water heater. A group of residents waited inside a van outside the home, where Harris said he would be the next day. Three days later, he still had not shown up.

That’s when reporter Lisa Guerrero arrived at his home instead — in full disguise, complete with makeup, a wig and a walker.

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