Watch The Incredible Moment A Great White Shark Jumped Into A Cage With A Diver

Great whites are fierce predators, but they are a lot less aggressive than their reputation leads us to believe. Yet, even if they’re just being curious, getting trapped in a tiny cage with a great white shark isn’t going to be fun, as this diver found out.

After being baited with tuna chunks, a shark somehow managed to slip through the bars of the diving cage, trapping a diver inside along with it! Around 15 seconds of thrashing and panicking ensues, but the shark eventually makes it out of the top of cage, appearing to have sustained some injuries. Seconds later the diver emerged unharmed.

The video below, filmed by YouTubers Gabe and Garrett off the west coast of Mexico, has gone viral.

Take a look:

Although cage diving isn’t generally considered as invasive or cruel as many other wildlife attractions as the point is to view the animals in their natural habitat, not to interact, it still requires respect and responsibility if both parties want to stay happy and safe.

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