Patient Under Anesthesia Flirts With Handsome Nurse, Then She Begins To Plan Their Wedding

We’ve all seen those videos of people saying very funny things with the powerful effect of anesthesia. But this one has got to be the funniest one thus far.

Paris had a recent accident and broke her arm. She was taken to the hospital, where they put here under some serious meds. But lucky for her, nurse Luke was there to save her day.

She seems to have quite an attraction towards Luke and starts flirting with him, saying things like, “We’d be the cutest couple ever!” She even seems to be in love with him.

Paris: “I love you so much.” Luke: “Well, thank you.” Paris: “You should love me too!” Luke: “We just met today.”

Paris: “I know, but we’re getting married!”

The nurse jokes around, and even says, “This might go viral!”(talking about the video).

Watch the hilarious video below.

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