After Hearing Barks From An Underground Pipe, Rescuers Step Into Action To Save Dogs

Animal rescues are incredible. People sometimes risk their life to save an animal in need.

It was around 11 a.m. Thursday morning, when a family became worried because they couldn’t find their dogs. After searching, they heard barks coming from the underground drainage pipe. They knew they had a huge problem and so they called for help.

Firefighters, police, animal control personnel, and first responders all showed up at the Oxford, Massachusetts home where the dogs were trapped. They used a special camera to look closer into the pipe. The dogs were 65 feet into the pipe and were unable to get out.

They brought in a bulldozer and began digging. The rescuers were worried because of the large propane tank buried right next to the drainage pipe. After 5 long hours, the smaller dog, Winston, was able to run back through the narrow pipe. Another hour later the crew was able to pull out the bigger dog, Rosie.

Watch the video below.

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