Man Leaves ICU After Having Brain Surgery To See His Wife Give Birth To Their First Son, The Moment Is Beyond Emotional

Life can hit us with a left turn at any moment. One minute things are fine and unfortunately things take a turn for the worst the next. This family were hit with horrible news just 3 weeks prior to their first kid’s birth.

Cagney Wenk and his fiancee Jessica were expecting a baby on September 18th, 2016. Unfortunately the family discovered that Cagney was suffering from a highly aggressive, Stage 4 cancer called glioblastoma, just three weeks before the birth of their baby boy.

Three weeks later, Cagney was recuperating from several brain surgeries in the ICU at Boulder Community Hospital in Colorado. Jessica went into active labor in the same hospital. The nurses were determined to have this family together during the birth of their child.

Not only did Cagney’s nurses hired an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (which documents the whole birth), but they brought him into the delivery room to see his child be born.

It was a beautiful moment when the father sees his son, Lavon, for the first time. The photographer from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Sarah Boccolucci, was touched by this moment.

“There is a point during the birth where Cagney tells Jessica that they are surrounded by all the love in the world right now,” Boccolucci said. “It is my hope that people will see the video, feel the love this family shares and help lift them up.”

Watch the emotional video below.

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