Mom Records Daughter, Asking Her ‘Is Down Syndrome Scary?’ What She Says Is Touching Millions Around The World

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us through the day. Well in this video you will get all the inspiration you need from a cute 7-year-old girl.

Sofia is her name. She has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t seem to change the fact that she is a confident girl that can do anything. Her mom, Jennifer Varanini Sanchez, wanted to make a video of Sofia to raise awareness about Down syndrome. She didn’t think her daughter would give the most perfect responses.

In the video, Sofia’s mom asks her, “is Down syndrome scary?”. “No, its not scary!” says Sofia, “It’s exciting! I get to go to Disneyland!”

The little girl had a tough time when she was born. Her biological mother abandoned her and she spent the first 14 months of her life in an orphanage in a very small town in Ukraine. Back in 2010 she was adopted by a loving family, who also happen to have a son with Down syndrome. The mom knows their not biologically related but she likes to think of them as twins.

Sofia is in a home where she is loved and it shows. Her message to the world has inspired so many. Watch her beautiful message in the video below.

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