After Noticing Mare Horse Guiding Blind Rescue Horse Around The Pasture, Farmer Records Their Friendship In A Heartwarming Video

Would you do anything for your best friend? Two rescue horses have become best friends, as one helps the other get around.

Daisy and Angel were rescued and are waiting to be adopted at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Everything they do, they do it together. Unfortunately Daisy is blind and relies completely on Angel to get around.

Angel is a sweet horse. Daisy follows him around in order to make her way around the pasture. From time to time she bumps into Angel, most horses would get annoyed but not this one. If they get separated, Angel will call out Daisy until they find their way back to each other.

The ARL posted a video of the two horses and people fell in love with them. They saw how happy the horses looked together.

“When people think of rescue horses, they just have this picture of them being sad in a stall, but these two are doing great. They can see how well (horses) can do when taken out of bad situations.” said Carrie Spain, who takes care of the horses.

Watch the beautiful video of the dynamic duo below.

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